Our Services

Advanced OTDR Testing & Commissioning

Our advanced OTDR testing & commissioning services include all forms of fibre and copper testing including ILM, PMD and CD.

Accurate testing and commissioning of your network is vital to ensure it is performing at full capacity. Advances in technology are putting increasing strain on networks to perform faster and carry more data, so eliminating any faults and reducing light loss is essential to maximise your network’s potential.

Our engineers are able to commission fibre links, maintain and troubleshoot networks to identify issues and resolve them. We provide detailed reports for all of our testing, available in PDF form for our clients.

Copper cabling

Despite the trend towards fibre optics, copper cabling is still prevalent across many networks, particularly horizontal cabling systems where devices rarely require more than 10Gbps. Quantum Comms engineers have extensive experience in copper cabling networks, including installing, jointing and testing. We work with overhead or underground cables, as well as indoor cabling and cabinets.

We can test the quality of your infrastructure, produce a full report of any issues and provide the necessary remediation work. If you are upgrading your network infrastructure, we can remove and replace copper cabling or integrate fibre into existing copper networks to improve their performance.

Fibre Optic cabling and Blown Fibre Solutions

With the ever increasing need for greater bandwidths and network speeds, fibre optic is fast becoming the cabling of choice. Resilient, flexible and high performing, fibre cables can transport data along vast distances with very little light loss, resulting in a high-performing network.

Our skilled engineers can carry out all work on fibre optic networks, including installation, termination, fibre splicing and blown fibre solutions. Quantum Comms can design and project manage a full network build, upgrade existing infrastructures or provide regular maintenance contracts to keep networks performing to a high standard. We work with single-mode and multi-mode, overhead and underground cabling to provide a comprehensive fibre optic service.

Copper & Fibre Maintenance Contracts

Whether your network requires upgrading, preventative work or repair, Quantum Comms can perform all necessary maintenance work for both copper and fibre networks. Our copper and fibre maintenance contracts cover regular testing and upkeep, as well as troubleshooting or emergency repair work, to keep networks running to maximum efficiency.

Regular maintenance of your network allows problems to be spotted and resolved early, avoiding unnecessary expense in the long term. We understand the importance of minimising network downtime and our engineers provide a rapid response to all issues, getting the network back online as quickly as possible.

Motorway & Highway networks

Quantum Comms provide a complete solution for motorway and highway networks and ROTTMs lane closure signs. We install and maintain the fibre optic infrastructures, performing all associated work including testing, commissioning and terminating of cabling. Working throughout the UK, we keep up to date with the latest technology to deliver an innovative and reliable service.

We are fully committed to health and safety of our engineers, who are all insured and trained to work in safety-critical or live-traffic situations. Our 24/7 service provides a rapid response to any issues, so that networks are back online with minimal downtime.

Project Management

Quantum Comms can oversee the project management of your network build to ensure it is completed on time and in budget. Our qualified project managers will plan and execute the project from start to finish based on the client’s specifications. Applying our expertise in the telecoms sector we ensure the work meets all technical requirements. We can manage the network design, resource scheduling, cooperation with external partners and quality assurance.

With our dedication to quality without compromise, Quantum Comms will ensure the work is completed to the very highest industry standards. We keep our clients updated on progress throughout the project and aim to be as flexible as possible, in order to best serve our clients.

Consultancy Services

With our technical expertise in fibre optic and copper networks, Quantum Comms offer networking consultancy services. Whether it is a feasibility assessment or a network design for a new development, we work with developers, contractors and businesses to help them scope out the project.

Our consultants meet with those involved and identify the network requirements before advising on the best course of action. We will do a full survey of the area and provide you with a detailed technical report. Our expert consultancy services can help cut unnecessary costs and ensure an efficient and well-designed infrastructure that will run smoothly meet all the specifications.

Quality and attention to detail are central to all we do, so our clients can rely on us to ensure that all work is completed to the highest standard.