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Registered Address: Unit 18 Lea Hall Enterprise Park, Wheelhouse Road, Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, WS15 1LH

Company number: 11602319

    Our Services

    Advanced OTDR Testing & Commissioning

    Our advanced OTDR testing & commissioning services include all forms of fibre and copper testing including ILM, PMD and CD.

    Copper cabling

    Despite the trend towards fibre optics, copper cabling is still prevalent across many networks, particularly horizontal cabling systems where devices rarely require more than 10Gbps.

    Fibre Optic cabling and Blown Fibre Solutions

    With the ever increasing need for greater bandwidths and network speeds, fibre optic is fast becoming the cabling of choice.

    Copper & Fibre Maintenance Contracts

    Whether your network requires upgrading, preventative work or repair, Quantum Comms can perform all necessary maintenance work for both copper and fibre networks.

    Motorway & Highway networks

    Quantum Comms provide a complete solution for motorway and highway networks and ROTTMs lane closure signs.

    Project Management

    Quantum Comms can oversee the project management of your network build to ensure it is completed on time and in budget.

    Consultancy Services

    With our technical expertise in fibre optic and copper networks, Quantum Comms offer networking consultancy services.

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